Botox® & Dysport

Botox® and other wrinkle relaxers such as Dysport and Xeomin are effective treatments for relaxing and erasing fine lines. Dr. Obayan uses such treatments to reverse the signs of aging for many of her patients.

What are the differences and similarities between Dysport and Botox®?

Both Dysport and Botox® are a form of purified protein derived from Botulinum and act as muscle relaxers, reducing facial wrinkles that often occur during such actions as frowning and squinting. When injected into the skin, both of these medications leave behind a soft and smooth facial appearance.

Some of the minor differences include:

  • Botox® has a higher concentration of Botulinum than Dysport.
  • Dysport effects are seen in as little as 2 days while Botox® takes about 4-5 days.
  • Dysport generally lasts longer than Botox®.

Though both are effective, neither is a permanent solution for wrinkles and frown lines. Both treatments require follow up visits every three to four months.

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What are the benefits of Botox® or Dysport?

Dysport is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed by Dr. Obayan. If you have perpetual frown lines that appear on your face or always look tired or angry even when you are not, then either Botox® or Dysport could be a beneficial solution for you. They leave you wrinkle-free and your skin looking smooth. There is no downtime and they are a quick and virtually painless non-surgical solution.

When will you begin to see the effects of Botox® or Dysport working?

The positive effects of Dysport and Botox® are usually seen with as little as 2 days when using Dysport, while Botox® usually takes about 4 to 5 days to show an obvious effect. Results may vary for each patient; Dr. Obayan always provides each of her patients with the best possible care during and after the procedure.

How is Dysport administered or delivered?

Dysport is delivered by Dr. Obayan through injection. This is a simple office procedure she has performed numerous times. The injection itself causes hardly any pain to her patients. The procedure uses an ultra-thin injection that is administered to facial areas.

What are the effects of Botox® or Dysport?

As with any procedure, there can be side effects such as:

  • Minor headaches
  • Bruising and swelling from injections.

Most of the side effects wear off in a relatively short period of time. Dr. Obayan has extensive experience with this procedure so you know you are in capable hands should you decide to have this done.

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